Car Batteries – Starting & Charging

Car Batteries

Have you ever jumped into your car in the morning only to find it won’t start?  Don’t wait until it is too late to find out your battery needs replacing.  At Quality Auto and Tire Factory, our trained mechanics can test your battery before it might become a problem.  If it needs replacing, we can offer you batteries from leading brands.  Our high quality car batteries are guaranteed by the manufacturer*.  Stop into our store and ask for a car battery check today.

* Most vehicles.  See manager for limited guarantee terms.

Starting & Charging

Though the battery is often the culprit, there are two other components of the car that might stop your vehicle from starting:

Starter – When you turn the ignition key, you are actually turning on the starter which then cranks the engine.  If you have ever experienced your car having a difficult start, or not starting at all, this may have been the starter.  Problems with the starter may be an electrical or mechanical failure or simply an outright breakage.

Alternator – The alternator recharges your battery while the vehicle is running to keep it at peak starting power.   With its teammate, the car battery, the alternator and battery operate electrical components such as headlights, windshield wipers and more.  It is important that your alternator be kept in good condition because you could find yourself driving and the engine suddenly stops running.

Battery Problems?

If your battery is acting up and you know it isn’t time to replace it, check on these things before calling for service:

Is the battery properly secured?  An unsecured battery will vibrate which will affect the life of the battery.

Look at the cables to the battery.  A build-up of corrosive elements on the terminals can weaken the starting power.  Also check that the side terminals aren’t over-tightened.

Of course you are welcome to come into our store and we can check these components for you.