Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

Do you panic when your “check engine” light comes on?  Even if you are not the panic type, it is usually disconcerting to be driving and glance down to see the check engine light illuminated.

Modern vehicles are equipped with and onboard computer diagnostic system (OBD II) that monitors your vehicle’s operations.   Think of this as having your own personal mechanic under the hood. Unfortunately though, this mechanic can only warn the driver, not do the inspection or repair.

The check engine light can indicate a minor problem or something very serious.  An illuminated check engine light means that the driver should have the vehicle looked over as soon as possible.  It could be something as simple as a loose fuel cap.   A flashing check engine light, however, is much more serious and the driver should park the car and shut off the engine immediately.  A flashing light indicates a more serious failure and continuing to drive it can cause damage to the engine or emissions system.

It is not always easy to find the cause of a check engine illumination light.  We frequently get customers coming to our Yuba City Tire Factory store complaining that other mechanics have not been able to locate the issue causing the light to come on.

Our expert mechanics will be able to decipher the check engine light codes and perform the necessary maintenance or repair needed.  After all, we are the experts in all auto repair needs.  When you leave our store, any issues with your vehicle will be resolved and you can drive off knowing you no longer have to worry.

Quality Auto and Tire Factory has over 20 years of experience deciphering check engine light codes and getting you back on the road safely so you do not need to worry about an illuminated light.

Our auto repair technicians in Yuba City are equipped to handle all your vehicle repair needs.   Don’t spend time fretting if you see your check engine light come on.  Drop by our store and we will take care of you.