Mufflers and Exhaust Service

Mufflers and Exhaust Service

What is the purpose of your muffler and exhaust system?  It is more than a pretty face.  Your car’s exhaust system is designed not only to reduce noise, but also to reduce harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere.  Not only is a properly functioning muffler and exhaust system good for the car, it is also good for the environment.  Whether you live in Yuba City, Marysville or any of the surrounding areas, we know it is important for the residents to enjoy clean air.

We won’t get into all the complexities of how the exhaust system works.  The system starts at the front of the car, right behind the engine and then the refined emissions exit through the muffler.  Guess what the muffler does?  You’re right, it muffles the sound.  (This was a test and you passed).

If you exhaust system is working properly, by the time the gases leave your vehicle your car should be running smoother, quieter and cleaner.

The exhaust and muffler system is complex  and a failure of any of the components can affect the air you breathe as well as your gas mileage.

Want to know how mufflers work?  Ask one of our mechanics.    Want to know what you need to watch out for with your car’s exhaust system?  Ask one of our mechanics.  We get many questions from our customers and our expert mechanics are always happy to answer questions.

Quality Auto and Tire Factory is known for its high quality services so it is no surprise we are North America’s leader in mufflers and exhaust systems.  Whether you have a car or truck, we can provide all components for your exhaust system including high-quality pipes and mufflers.

Not only do we provide a full range of exhaust service options in our Yuba City store, we also offer our famous Lifetime Guaranteed mufflers* as well as value-oriented replacement mufflers and systems.

Come by Quality Auto and Tire Factory for an exhaust inspection today.

* Most vehicles.  See manager for limited guarantee terms.