Tires and Tire Repair

Tires and Tire Repair

yuba City auto repair receptionThe safety of you and your family depends on having good quality tires.  Tires with good tread are important but there are also other tire issues that need to be addressed.  Tires that are more heavily worn on the inside than the outside, or vice versa, can create wheel alignment problems.  Purchasing new tires will not solve a wheel alignment situation.

Why choose us over a discount store?  The mechanics at Quality Auto and Tire Factory are trained to analyze tire issues.  Staff in discount stores often lack this expertise.  We understand each and every component of your car and how the components work together.  That is why any time you come into our store for a service, we apply our total care philosophy and carefully inspect your vehicle.

Not only will we inspect, our mechanics will rotate and balance your tires, as scheduled by your vehicles manufacturer.  If your vehicle does require new tires, you can be assured we will get the exact size and type of tire that is required.   Our mechanics will make sure they are properly installed.

Scheduling your vehicle maintenance as recommended by your manufacturer will ensure you get the best performance from your car.

Tire Tips

How can you tell if your tread is worn?  A simple method is to take a penny, insert it head first into the tread.  If you can’t see Lincoln’s head, the tires need to be replaced.

Have your tires rotated regularly as per your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.  This will extend the life of your tires.

Make sure you check the air in your tires regularly and keep them inflated.  On an average, tires lose approximately 1 psi (pound per inch) each month.  Temperature can also have a major impact on tire pressure.  A drop in temperature of 10 degrees can also cause a 1 psi loss in pressure.   Low tire pressure can also reduce your gas mileage.

Visually check your tires for excessive or uneven tire wear which could indicate they may be problems.

Come and visit us and get your tires professionally inspected.